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Our focus is also directed towards all places where Bianchi Industry products are used. This is why we invest in advanced technologies that offer high performance together with low environmental impact. Among these are the Energy Saving mode, a device for programming time bands when boiler temperature is lowered and energy consumption reduced; LED technology (instead of “traditional” neon), which increases efficiency and reduces consumption while guaranteeing lighting with excellent aesthetic and functional results; and a sensor to detect the presence of cups, thanks to which drinks can be dispensed directly into the mug without using plastic containers.

Again in this regard, all Bianchi vending machines can be used with paper cups and wooden stirrers to encourage the use of eco-friendly materials instead of single-use plastic. These are just some examples of our commitment to the environment; a commitment not just made of words, but of concrete actions and results, as demonstrated by the trust placed in us over the years by our clients.