We have always been convinced that business and respect for the environment should go hand in hand, which is why Bianchi Industry’s business model is fully oriented to ecological sustainability. Our aim is to safeguard the area in which we operate, paying particular attention to the life cycle of our machines, from manufacturing (which takes place in respect for authorised limits on the use of toxic substances) to the recycling process, which is compliant with the provisions of the RHOS and RAEE regulations. Furthermore, we adopt an environmental management system certified in accordance with ISO Standard 14001:2015 to monitor the environmental impact of our activities and constantly improve results.


Our attention is also focused on all the places in which Bianchi Industry products are used. This is why we invest in cutting-edge technology, which offers high performance at low environmental impact. These include the Energy Saving mode, an option to programme periods of time in which to reduce the temperature of the boiler and reduce energy consumption, and the sensor to detect the presence of a cup, which allows a drink to be dispensed directly in a cup, without having to use plastic containers.

Along the same lines, all Bianchi vending machines are compatible with paper cups and wooden stirrers, a way to promote the use of ecological materials in place of disposable plastics. These are just a few examples of our commitment to the environment. It is a commitment that is not just superficial, but which is based on tangible actions and results, as demonstrated by the trust that our clients have chosen to place in us over the years.

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