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Vending Solutions.
A complete line of automatic hot drink and snack vending machines incorporating the latest-generation technology to improve the experience for the consumer, wherever they are and whatever they want.
Coffee Station Solutions.
Premium coffee solutions for both vending and HORECA, creating a coffee corner that satisfies the palate and makes the most of interaction, even in areas where space is at a premium.
Coffee Breakfast Solutions.
A range created for the setting-up of high-performance self-service areas for the hotel or catering sectors. The new generation of super-automatic dispensers offers complete breakfast menus.
Professional Coffee Solutions.
Professional coffee machines to satisfy even the most demanding of bartenders. Carefully designed, easy to use and quick to clean, these solutions always guarantee excellent results, exalting the qualities of the most delicate of blends.

The vending area tailored to all spaces
Vending Solutions

Company offices

In all companies the refreshment area is a truly productive space. It can unite a team, trigger a good idea, or facilitate a deal. The vending design is therefore a key part of consultation.


Whether you’re waiting for a connection or finishing a long, exhausting journey, resting on the platform with your favourite beverage or a cheeky snack will help you refuel.


A place where work is hard and stressful, and where emotions run high. The people here deserve the best coffee, the perfect break, and the deliciousness of a smile.

Create the machine you need.

To improve your company’s profitability, it’s important to create the right solution. This is why you need to choose modular machines, meaning they can quickly and easily adjust their configuration according to consumption trends. Do you want to put together a longer-lasting fleet of machines that is continually state-of-the-art? With us you can.

Choose the most suitable capacity.

Every environment has its rhythm, tastes and consumption frequency. This is why you need to regulate the machines’ storage capacity. Need to adapt the quantities of products according to the characteristics of each context? Avoid empty spaces in the display window? Reduce the number of times the machine needs refilling? Cut the costs of managing each individual break area? With us you can.

Offer a personalised experience.

People want their favourite beverage. They are easily tempted by large menus full of things that hit the spot. They want a delicious range and interactivity. It is time to provide them with an experience. How? Through engaging and intuitive touch display systems, through the option to personalise and enrich their beverages with toppings and syrups, through systems that maintain the quality of raw materials. With us you can.

Coffee solutions for all activities: choose yours.
Coffee Station Solutions


Office breaks. A quick chat with your colleagues, a simple touch and your favourite coffee is ready. A few sips and you’re ready to continue your day.
The right machine gets things moving.


You’re in a bookshop and you can’t decide which book to choose. Take a break, have a creamy cappuccino, and find the book you were looking for.
The right machine helps make the right choice.


Try on the dress you wanted so much, imagine yourself at that dream event. Sit down and wait for your dress to be finished while enjoying a delicious drink that you have kindly been offered.
The right machine creates memorable moments.

A wide range of coffees to suit all tastes.

The best of Italian espresso tradition combined with international tastes to create a wide offer of coffee in all its main forms.

Milk with a soft and tasty cream.

Cappuccinos with soft, long-lasting foam and lots of other delights thanks to ideal fresh milk handling options.

Every desire becomes a drink.

Chocolate, tea, barley, ginseng. Every moment of the day has its ideal drink, always of the best quality, always prepared just right.

Coffee solutions for all activities: choose yours.
Coffee Breakfast Solutions


Come down for breakfast, take a look at the drinks menu. Milky coffee or American coffee? Just a touch of the monitor to free the most familiar of aromas.
The right machine satisfies today’s tastes.


A three-hour convention can be a real headache. Luckily there’s the coffee break. The refreshments area is crowded, but the wait is short. An excellent espresso to clear your head.
The right machine is stress-free.


Sit down at a table in that cosy bar, chat, smile and take time out. You can have a ginseng or barley coffee and plan that really special holiday.
The right machine makes your business take off.

Pleasure is multiplied.

The unmistakable Italian espresso evolves into international flavors, thanks to the wide selection of coffee that satisfies the most diverse tastes.

Fresh milk like in a bar.

A creamy macchiato or cappuccino with an excellent foam: the milk stays fresh to give life to unforgettable flavors.

The taste of being able to choose.

For every occasion there is the right drink. Coffee, chocolate, barley, tea: the choice is wide, the quality high.

Excellence at the service of professionals.
Professional Coffee Solutions


The temple of the espresso, where people want to savour the best of the Italian coffee tradition. Choose the professional solution that enhances your craft and facilitates your work.


An excellent espresso ensures every meal goes out with a bang. If you can also clean the machine in moments and it’s easy to run, then it’s the perfect solution for your restaurant.

Special locations

The lounge area in museums, theatres, exhibitions and many other spaces of high architectural value requires a professional solution with a refined and elegant design.

Delight your clients with excellent espresso made by-the-book.

Since 1978, when Brasilia was founded, we have been planning and creating our solutions in Italy. Our experience, reliability and constant innovation result in machines that mean you can offer a coffee in which the very best of the Italian espresso tradition is manifested in aroma, flavour and feeling.

Enhance your local hang-out with an exceptional design.

Made in Italy is a quality that is reflected in each aspect of our professional solutions, including design. Elegance and ergonomics fuse in an eye-catching style that breathes excellence, enhancing even the most sophisticated and refined interiors.

Choose the features you really need.

Our range of professional solutions boasts a wealth of models, meaning you can choose a bespoke product with the features you really need to satisfy your clients. This means you won’t waste resources and will always make the best investment.

Clean, run and intervene in moments.

Convenience is one of the aspects that greatly characterises all our models. Thanks to our design solutions, the parts can be instantly removed and you can quickly carry out even deep cleans. What’s more, the general running is intuitive and maintenance is truly simple.