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Part of Bianchi Industry, a firm successfully run by the Trapletti family, Bianchi Vending one of the leading Italian brands, specialized in the production of automatic vending machines for the Vending sector. Continuously focused on developing technologies that best interpret new consumption practices, Bianchi Vending transforms a coffee break into a satisfying, fulfilling and customisable experience. The customer, whether the final consumer or whoever manages the Bianchi Vending machines to increase business, is at the centre of a development strategy aimed at full satisfaction. This goal is pursued with passion and expertise by a team of professionals who, through their work, have been able to establish Bianchi Vending and “Made in Italy” products as genuine reference points for the global market of automatic food distribution.


2015. Acquisition of Brasilia, a prestigious Italian brand that, throughout its history, has contributed to the global success of the Italian tradition of the espresso. In the same year, restructuring of the activities and birth of Bianchi Industry Spa, that combine three major brands in a single entity: the historic brand Bianchi Vending, Brasilia and Bi-shop, dedicated to the market of automatic retail stores. Bianchi Vending answers requirements for automatic vending, Brasilia machines serve the needs of baristas who celebrate the ritual of espresso coffee every day: Bianchi Industry offers a complete range of solutions for the needs of out of home food & beverage service.                                                 

2014. After a six year hiatus, the historical relationship between the Trapletti family and the company, that Angelo Trapletti had founded way back in 1959, is finally restored. Today, the family business is run by the children Fabrizio, Roberto, Nadia, Mariella and Massimo, the company’s Chairman and CEO.

2008. The Italian team of ABN AMRO Capital spun off purchasing, through a management buy-out, the private equity portfolio previously owned by the Dutch bank in Italy and, in December 2008, Bianchi Vending Group shares are transferred to FA CAPITAL Spa, whose majority is owned by funds advised and managed by Goldman Sachs, who is also an investor into these funds.

2008. ABN AMRO Capital S.p.A., that already had the majority share (60% of the capital stock), in January this year acquired the remaining 40% becoming in this way the sole shareholder of the Group.

2007. Entered the Ho.Re.Ca market with the acquisition of GEM-FUTUREMA that produces espresso coffee machines with professional barman performances. GEM-FUTUREMA was constituted in 1975, with the experience of three generations that have operated since 1946 in the technologies and development of the espresso extraction.

2006. The new plant Bianchi Vending in Pescara has been built where the entire cold vending machines range is produced.

2005. Bianchi Vending Group agrees with ABN AMRO Capital Italia to consolidate their own path of development and internationalization. ABN AMRO enters with the majority stake in the shareholding structure of the Group.

2002. Merger in Bianchi Vending Group of Nuova Bianchi S.p.a. and Tecnomet Italia S.p.A. This is a decisive step in the development of the company. The General Electric Group keeps in this group a share of 20% until October 2005.

2001. G.E. Capital, operational arm of General Electric, enters from July to 25% in Nuova Bianchi Spa creating various synergies to ensure an ever-increasing economic and financial growth of the Italian company.

2001. Union Vending Ricambi is founded, today Bianchi Vending After Sales, which coordinates and manages the after-sales service to customers, with the goal of delivering 80% of the required spares parts within 48 hours from the order confirmation.

1998. The Bianchi Vending factory in Latina was rebuilt to be able to provide 85% of primary components for Group production.

1998. In September of this year was set up in Argentina in partnership with Nuova Bianchi, the first of 12 branches under the trademark Union Vending, distributed widespread across Europe, south America and Far East.

1992. Nuova Bianchi starts with the re-launching phase both of its manufacturing operations and its range of products. Now the new goals are to design more innovative products and expand into foreign markets.

1990. Tecnomet Italia S.p.A was founded, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of “cold” vending machines. It became soon a leader in Italy and stood out at European level for the wide and diversified range of vending machines. The company, located.

1976. Nuova Bianchi purchased from Faema all the automatic vending activities as well as the trademark itself.

1963. Expanded its business producing its first Bianchi vending machines and developing all the related activities.

1959. Nuova Bianchi started its activity selling vending machines made in the U.S.A. on the Italian market.